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Community Rules

Here are the rules for the community, if you fail to follow them, you will be removed.

  • No spam (community promos, posts not related to HP, posts begging for subscribers, etc.) unless it is under a cut and is below a video reponse post.
  • No one enjoys watching you showing off your merchandise. No one cares how many calendars, snitches, action figures, horcruxes, or exact replicas of Snape's greying undies you have - no one wants to see it (okay, I'll admit it, I want to see the undies - but that's it)! Unless you made it yourself, no one is interested in it, trust me!
  • All videos have to be public. Do not post your video if you have it set to private. If you are ashamed of loving Harry Potter, you need to find a different community.
  • No trolling! Seriously, we don't want trolls in this community. Any bit of trolling will result in immediate removal.
  • Have some questions? The FAQ is here and the suggestion box is here

    Things to know

  • Prompts/Questions will be posted bi-weekly (every two weeks)
  • This community and youtube group was entirely inspired by ifancythetrio's video What Impact Has Potter Made on Your Life
  • shaebay is the mod and she is quite awesome
  • You have to be given posting access before you can make any posts.
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    Name: Jennifer
    Age: 33
    Youtube url: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=ofenjen
    How did you find this?: hehe, your LJ, silly :P

    I'd like to follow up by saying I haven't made a single video log as of yet (it's on the list!!!), but I think it's a brilliant idea and would love to see & hear what others have to say on the subject. Actually finding verbal words for the end is harder than typing the, something I have thus far totally avoided. And, ehem, I'll totally pimp the new comm, 'cause it's a good idea. :D