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shaebay in vloggershp

The First Topic!!

So here it is, the first topic! The subject is 7-21. From what I've seen, feelings are very mixed on this subject. Are you excited? Are you sad? Are you dreading it? Do you think the timing is perfect? Awful? Where will you be when it comes out? Are you going to be at a release party or waiting for the book to come in the mail?

Now some of you may ask me why I chose this topic when people have already worked their poor fingers to the nub typing their emotions - conveying strong emotions with punctuation and proper sentence structure is not an easy task for some (not all, mind you). So I want to hear some sadness mixed with an undertone of excitement and have everyone actually talk about it.

So, without further ado -

The actual page is here and you can respond by clicking here. When you want to post the video on livejournal, you can either do it through a comment, or apply for posting access (once that is done, make sure to click here to see the intro slip and posting form)

Have an idea for the next topic? Leave a suggestion in the suggestion box