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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions...well, sort of. No questions have been asked, but here are the questions I think will be asked frequently. :D

Do I have to have a camera? No, a camera is not necessary but a microphone is. If you have an image of yourself, you can just make a video with your picture with you answering the question.

Can I just leave a comment (text, no video)? No. The whole purpose of this is to put a face and a voice to the fans of Harry Potter. Sure, we all love essays and when people get excited about a theory or question, but there is only so much that an exclamation point (or 10) can do.

Can I friend the people in the community? That is up to them. If you are unsure, just ask them.

Why can't I post my video? You need to be given posting access before you are allowed to post.

Do you have a specific format for posting? Yes, we do. It can be found here

Why is there a livejournal community when the whole thing is on youtube? I think that the fandom is much more concentrated on LJ, and there is a real sense of community here.

I have a suggestion for the community If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment here at our suggestion box. :D

If you have any other questions, please comment here